How to setup an event on Mixify
  • Mixify’s virtual DJ events are the best way for DJs to release mixes and podcasts, sell tracks, and build their social fanbase.

    How It Works

    1) Go to Mixify’s Setup Event page and enter your event info.


    2) Select a Mixing Option. There are 3 options:

    › Icecast: Our most advanced streaming option where you can stream directly from Traktor, VirtualDJ, B.U.T.T., and other Icecast servers. Through Icecast, you'll receive the highest quality audio broadcasting on the web and your track metadata will display automatically. Icecast events must be setup at least 15 minutes in advance in order for us to setup your streaming node properly. Learn how to setup Icecast and more ›

    › Direct Stream - You will stream audio from your software or hardware live to the Mixify event. Learn how to setup Direct Stream here.

    › Upload Mix - Select one of your existing mixes on Mixify or upload a new one to play during the event. Mixes will publish to your profile following the event.


    3) Select your visual theme. Mixify provides high-quality themes for anyone in our community to use OR you can upgrade to Mixify Pro and have the ability to create your own themes using Youtube videos or your own images. Learn more here ›

    Mixify Plus and Platinum users can also brand their event with a logo, promotional banner, and more. Learn more here ›


    4) Click setup event.

    5) Once your event is setup, you’ll land on your event profile which you can share so friends can RSVP and leave shoutouts. We also encourage DJs to setup Facebook events to further promote the event.


    6) 30 minutes before the event, ‘Join Now’ buttons will appear on the event profile as well as on the Mixify homepage listing for the event so you and your fans can enter.


    7) Once you join, you’ll see a timer counts down until the event start time. You cannot start your event until it's start time has been reached.

    In the meantime, you'll need to prepare accordingly...

    › Select if you want to record your mix or not.

    › Input your social links in your account settings so fans can follow your social profiles during the event.

    › Direct Input: You’ll need to select your input type and make sure your input is coming through as seen in the meter. Learn how to setup Direct Stream here ›

    › Icecast: If you're hosting an Icecast event, you'll receive a popup that will walk you through how to setup and test your broadcast stream with various types of Software. Within this, it will provide your personal broadcast settings that will remain the same for all your events. Learn more about Icecast here › 

    › Upload Mix: Nothing to prepare for upload mix events. Just chat with your fans and wait for the time to arrive.


    8) When the timer reaches 0:00, click the Start button that appears. The event will not actually begin until you click start.

    9) The lights will dim, your mix will start or you’ll start broadcasting, and the curtain will pull away revealing your visuals.


    10) Fans can follow you and click-through to your social profiles throughout the event - as long as your profile links are updated in your account settings!

    11) When you're ready to stop broadcasting, click End Event. For Uploaded Mix events, the event will end automatically once the mix has concluded. Once it's over, fans will be prompted to fan you once again.


    And if you were recording your event, make sure to input the mix name and click publish!


    And there you have the basics of how Mixify helps DJs release their mixes and build their fanbase with virtual events.

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